Agora – Analytical Collective of Azerbaijan is an independent think tank that was founded in July 2022 by Baku-based researchers and experts working in various fields. Our collective produces knowledge related to social and economic policy, as well as other branches of social sciences. Our activities include research, policy analysis, various publications, data visualization, group discussions, and training on public policy analysis.


The mission of Agora – Analytical Collective is to increase the awareness of the Azerbaijani society on social and economic issues by providing quality and clear analyzes. We aim to introduce innovative ideas related to public policy areas and train new experts, researchers, and activists in these areas.


We envision the creation of participation mechanisms in public policymaking in Azerbaijan and opportunities for an informed society to influence the decision-making process.


Our organizational principles are independence, inclusiveness, and collegiality. The principles we base our activities on are objectivity, quality, and progressiveness. The principles we support include public participation and respect for civil rights.